stock images / video
Stock video and images in a variety of formats
A "meta site" containing stock footage and images for almost every major stock collection, all in one place. A useful way to search many collections at once.
Stock video, images, photos, fonts and more.
High-end well-designed images and video content

stock 3d models
High quality 3d models, backdrops, and many useful video production tools.
Buy 3d models and content from animators who sell their work in this marketplace.

Custom music
Dan Fissel Custom Music: Original Music Scores for Radio and TV. Jingles, Soundtracks, Production Beds, as well as Non-Union Voice-Talent.


Film / television industry listings
The mother of all film/ tv industry listings
Good Canadian resources site for the television and film industry.
Guide, directory and jobs for film and video.
Resource for independent filmaking and video production advice Resources for designers and developers A human-edited directory for designers and developers.


Audio Production Software
The makers of Sound Forge, the industry standard 2 track audio editing application.
Makers of Protools, the industry standard mult-track professional editing and mastering environment for audio post production for film, video and music recording.

Format Conversion Software
Makers of Cleaner, the industry standard video and audio encoding and conversion tool.
Makers of Sorenson Squeeze, an affordable compression, encoding and format conversion suite.

Video Production Software
The makers of industry standard Avid video editing systems.
Makers of cutting-edge non-linear video editing systems such as the Velocity HD.

DVD Production Software
Makers of Scenarist, the industry leading professional DVD authoring solution.

Mutimedia and Web Authoring Software
Makers of Flash, the popular web and multimedia design and authoring solution. They also have other authoring solutions such as Director and Authorware.

Computer Music
Your Personal Resource for Computer Music Hardware and Software